Top 10 Scary Swedish Urban Legends

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Top 10 Scary Swedish Urban Legends
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I’ve been working on so many Urban Legends videos for you guys recently and every time I think we’ve peaked, another country surprises me with just how strange and creepy their urban legends are. Today we visit Sweden, after this video, you’ll be wondering if another country in Europe can beat it. Let’s…


  1. Number 6 is not an urban legend, it's fact. Also, the Danes didn't invade Sweden, Sweden had for a very long time shared monarch with Denmark, Christian, in particular, was very unpopular among the Swedish Noblemen. So Christian invited many of them to a dinner. Everything seemed well until it took a very grim turn and Christian betrayed them and had them all killed. This was a turning point of Swedish history where Sweden finally managed to rally enough support to muster an army to defeat the Danes and become independent.

  2. myllingar are called botchlings in English. And the executions in gamla stan are called Stockholm's blodbad, or Stockholm's blood bath. I'm in gamla stan all the time tho. its like a Swedish hangout, almost nobody knows its haunted lol.

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