Top 10 Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong

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Top 10 Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong. These experiments on this list are definitely horrible and you should never do at home. Watch what these scientists did on this list of the Top 10 Science Experiments That Went Horribly Wrong.


Top 10 Biggest Scientific…


  1. Why did they leave out that the leukemia drug was administered over a much shorter period of time than it was in the animal trials? They could have also mentioned there was less than 10 minutes from one patients injection to the next. Why not wait a half hour to see if any immediate Side effects occur before doseing 5 more men?

  2. Don't forget radiation studies in Boston done to unknowing test subjects, disease studies done on blacks and whites with whites receiving treatment and medicines and blacks none just to see how fast they would die, and a study done on poor and prisoners to prove the disease they had wasn't cause by birth but malnutrition imposed upon them.

  3. Testicles experiments radioactive?! You kidding?!, Just your ball get kicked or smashed on hard object that will make you one week of pains, what they thinking of their suffering having their testicles on radioactive? I really can't imagine that…. Its really a nightmare

  4. Woow the monkey experiment was a crazy one . the kid started acting like the monkey instead of the other way round !! Or ? They started acting like each other but what do we learn from that ?? Very interesting tho !!

  5. there once was a group of doctors that claimed to have found the cure for cancer.
    within 2 weeks after the claim, all of them died. Some from care accidents, suicides, etc.

  6. Scientists should never go against Mother Nature. These people shouldn’t of never been altered. You people are stupid idiots. Maybe we should do that to you. Don’t use animals for your stupidity

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