Top 10 TERRIFYING Legendary Ghosts

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Top 10 TERRIFYING Legendary Ghosts

The scariest ghosts are the real ghosts. There are many famous ghost stories from around the world; whether they’re legendary ghosts and spirits like the banshee of Ireland or the Headless…


  1. Personally, I like the legend of The Sobbing Ghost from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. She was supposedly the daughter of the leader of a crew of wreckers, land-bound pirates that use lights to lure ships to crash on rocks so they can loot the bodies that wash ashore. One day, when helping her father with his grisly work, she finds that her beloved was aboard the ship he had just wrecked. First her heart broke, then her mind and finally her body. And they say to this day she wanders the beaches of Long Beach Island at night sobbing over the loss of her true love.

  2. num 10 is said to scare people there was a group of 4 three guys one girl who went to the sign and ran into her they ran all for themselves and only one stayed to help the girl who the other two left to die and the one stayed I think out of guilt and they all got away and said she was scary must have been for a group of guys to leave a woman and not help what a great group of men hero's

  3. You forgot the ghost of Wychwood Forest. The tale is somewhat similar but they say the ghost just holds her head and walks unlike the Anne Boleyn story and the carriage carries crying ghost children. I'm not sure if it's true or not though. There are so many versions.

  4. There's a pretty famous story about a woman using the restroom in the white house and being interrupted by Abe Lincoln's ghost. I'm surprised that it wasn't included here, considering it's really funny. It's rumoured that he was equally embarrassed by the mishap.

  5. Since I was three sleepy hollows was my favourite movie (I haven't watched it in years) my mum told me that I'd stare off into the distance sometimes and gibber horse man horse man! Apparently I was brought to a party once and started it and later on in the week someone's dad who was at the party passed away ??‍♀️ I see the shadow a lot tbh and when ever he's mentioned the air around me drops in temperature ? like as soon as he was mentioned in this the air in my room stilled and I got goose bumps straight away! I still love the headless horse man tale and to make matters worse I developed a love for horses at a young age and I'm always always drawn to black shires or cobs.

  6. Before it got destroyed by Hurricane Harvey, the Spaghetti Warehouse in Downtown Houston, TX was the site of numerous ghost sightings. Due to its history that it was either a mental asylum or a prison before becoming a restaurant, it’s to be expected that some ghosts have taken residence.

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