Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed (#2)

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Narrated by Chills:
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In this top 15 list, we look at 15 more paranormal events witnessed by police. With so many claims of supernatural activity without validity, these strange stories are at least…


  1. Okay the first one is about 25 minutes away from me and the second of is like three blocks from where I live. My own house is haunted as hell. If anyone doubts St Louis Missouri is haunted AF then y'all need to come visit lol.

  2. I'm really sorry to be so brutally honest. OK?
    But dude you are the worst narrator in the history of narrating.
    You run sentences together. The cadance and pitch of your voice does not shift dynamically with what you are reading.
    Its a slightly sing-song monotone that is really hard to listen to and takes away from the experience.
    I know that sing-song and monotone dont really mesh, but thats how it is.
    I dont think I can actually endure another video of your narration. Its literally painful.
    Honestly, you sound like a 3rd grader who is reading from a passage that is just slightly over their head grammatically.
    I'm sure youre a nice person, but there are plenty of other things in this world to do. So you dont read aloud well… BIG DEAL! Go do something else so we can enjoy the videos.
    Go be a judge or a lawyer or a cop or something.
    Whatever you do, just dont narrate any more videos. OK?

  3. chills u need to stop doing vids with interesting topics. i understand u r a popular narrator for these vids but i just dont understand why. Your style of speaking is just sooo irritating and distracting.

  4. #1, that house should be destroyed. Of course, the next people who will occupy that house will be haunted. Everyone is seeing demons and called it ghost haunting. People speak as if human being spirit has power. As a soul, you are as helpless as a child. You couldn't even direct your soul to flow where you wanted to go, let alone make yourself visible to the living.

  5. #13 you can't get possessed by the devil, You get possessed by demons although The entity might call itself the devil or Satan. Plus Satan probably has To organize possessions and has paperwork or something.

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