Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed

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Narrated by MaddMike:
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Narrated by: MaddMike
Written by: jessicaholom
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  1. I hope every ZIONIST PIG that had their hand involved or profited from the deaths of not just thousands in NY but from the MILLIONS that died in the Middle East, mostly the civilian deaths of women and children..The WORLD is learning about who these SCUMBAGS are..and they need to BURN IN HELL for what they have been doing to mankind for centuries.

  2. I am from New Mexico. Yes the police ghost story is true. The original video shows the ghost clearly walking in the building through the wall. He passed the camera and went through another wall. You can see that he is a male and walked fast. It was creepy

  3. num 8 where was the power of god he sure was letting this family live in hell and that many ghost where were the holy men cause what they don't want you to know is the exorcism doesn't always work cause why? .

  4. she was driving high on drugs cause she was addict and it doesn't make you a bad person but she had a bad habit and it's easy to say quit but harder to do and she loved her child that's what they heard or other wise her spirit would have left right when she died and yes she was a addict why we don't know could have been using to numb out and guess what even priest can be addict so don't think she is bad person but more so a bad habit that it controlled her and like they tell you it will end 3 ways jail,prison,death.

  5. A lot of satanic rituals were held on multiple floors of the World Trade Center buildings by the satanist "elite".
    911 was itself a satanic ritual, with the buildings being candles, and then the candles destroyed at the end of the ritual, for those who study this stuff.

  6. What I don't care if it was a year ago that's why I'm only going to have them piss on any idiot jacking off and eating sandwiches and making comments like that where kids can see it and can still see it deserves to get pissed on

  7. I get that it's exciting to trick people, but putting energy into hoaxes and FAKING EVIDENCE can cause serious harm to people. One of the houses straight up admits the demon pic in the window was a hoax, but people believed other things they saw in the house?

  8. That #13 always gives me chills (lol pardon the pun) that mother was awful putting her childs life at risk like that… but I can't help but wonder if she was determined to save her baby at the cost of her soul… regardless… I've heard that story several times.. never fails to spook the shit out of me…
    so glad that baby is ok…?

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