Top 5 Most Haunted Places In England

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Top 5 most haunted places in England. We countdown 5 of the most haunted places in England. England is well known for being home to numerous haunted locations and dwellings. In this video we countdown the 5 most haunted places in England.

Number 5 – Ancient Ram Inn

Number 4 – Woodchester Mansion

Number 3 – Pluckley

Number 2 – The Tower Of London

Number 1 – Borley Rectory

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  1. Actually Price said the nun wasn't looking for the monk; she asked for prayers, Masses and candles ; according to the book, The Most Haunted House in Britain . Price complied and she seemed to disappear. Price felt the fire was started by the more malignant spirits that didn't leave.

  2. I remember getting a book about the Borley Rectory when I was young. My mom ordered books on the paranormal from time life books if I recall. I remember reading it in my room at night scaring the shit out of myself… loved it.

  3. I have been to the first one. My Dad lived in wotton-under-edge ror a while. It was were the one and only paranormal experience i have ever had happened to me. Terrifying time that was and ill never go in there again…

  4. liked this, though Winchester Mansion seems to have more 'goings' on than most places and it's never been occupied and as far a I know not built on previous sites of occupation ? it's like the old nuclear bunker near me I have been in it when it was in use though closing down know people who built it and worked in it one person a member of the RAF a big fat chap died of a heart attack no ghosts, but now open to the public and now full of ghosts, very odd but the income has increased since this 'ghost' inclusion taking money on a lie

  5. I've been to Pluckley Villiage, I went with a friend and we had lunch at the Black Horse pub, that's got a few ghosts but i only experienced the groundsmans dog. we sat at a table with bench seats and the door was no where near us and neither was any windows open. I felt that feeling that you get when a dog presses up against your legs and leans on you against my knees and shins but it was a cold pressure. my friend was sitting next to me and I asked her if she could feel it on her legs and she said no. I then said put your hand in front of my legs and she gasped and said its cold.

    after we finished the meal we were chatting to the bar staff about the village and the ghosts and asked which ones there were in the pub. after listing the phantom footsteps in the loo etc they said oh yeah and there is the groundsman and his dog, he sits in the corner at the next table to where you were sitting and you can hear his dogs nails in the floor and it growls if it doesn't like you or presses up against you if it does!! We hadn't mentioned anything about my experience and none of the staff saw or heard our conversation about it.

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