Top 5 – Most Haunted places in India | SIMBLY CHUMMA – 64

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Conjuring is based on real life incidents and After the movies – we hear that the place where the incidents happened have become a major tourist spots.
But this list is filled with creepy places & Bollywood is yet to make a movie on it – except for the first one.
Bipasha Basu please start taking Notes..
SIMBLY CHUMMA is counting down the most haunted places in India



  1. BUt i think there are bandits in the Bhangarh Fort .. like hidden some where in the secret passages which cannot be explored !! if someone tends to find it.. they are killed !! And night time maybe the time they come out !! Indian government should explore this place and find out the real cause !!

  2. visted dumas many tyms!! ppl live thr hard screm of women !! dumas town has a old ville n well !! ppl live thr believes that villa and well have some bad magic and there is witch live in that villa !! after sunset no one go near well and villa ! who ever went never combck!! this story i heard frm my relatives who live in surat and they have frnds in dumas

  3. All bogus propup stories by leftist communist cabal to discredit great Hindu monuments. Innocent dhimmi HINDUs are consuming it.

    for example, this is the most iconic place of legendary king BajiRao because one and only king to win all 42 wars against uneducated moghals. this is a conspiracy to paint HINDU kings/forts structures in doubtful mind.

    Forget shanivarwada, no dead body is buried there to have Any ghosts. Look at tajmahal, 2 dead bodies are buried right in the heart of it why it's not a scary place?

    Even in the entrance of Qutub minar we can spot graves of uneduated, uncivilized butcher mislum invaders: why that's not a scary place?

    I've heard similar stories about many famous hindu temples in Rajasthan. Legendary​ fake scary stories are set on most of these beautiful remote hindu temples, brave kings forts, what not!? just google 'Rajasthan scary places'.

    We should put an end to these cockamamie stories on hindu monuments.

    Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery — the British war hero who defeated Field Marshal Erwin Rommel at the Battle of El Alamein in 1942 — was a keen student of military history. Field Marshal Montgomery says that Bajirao was possibly the finest cavalry general ever produced by India. 

    why congressi, communist durbari historians creating fake stories on BajiRao's legacy & discrediting him?
    The 'real' reason for the discomfort is that memories of Bajirao bring into focus the battlefield defeats of the Mughals and the Nizam, long kept hidden from the public by the wizard of Allahabad and his discovery of India.

    The history of Bajirao challenges the notion that the British seized control of India from the Mughals and not the Marathas, the 'real' rulers of most of India in the 18th century.

    we should love our great monuments.

  4. Good show.. but please aim at bringing precision and perfection in voiceover content.. For instance, the rulers of the erstwhile Hyderabad State were called simply Nizams and not Nizam Sultans

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