Top 5 Scary Movies On Netflix Right Now

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Top 5 Scary Movies On Netflix Right Now
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Top 5 Easter Eggs You Missed In The Haunting Of Hill House

We’re nearing Halloween so what better time to list of some of the greatest, and most frightening horrors you can watch from the comfort of your own home. I tried my best to include some of…


  1. I've seen all but the Ritual and babadook, but here's a lesson in surviving horror films, if your hiding, don't show your face when you hear the demon, they may pass you by =D
    Everytime you peak, BAM, your screwed, so if you don't peak…maybe the odds of survival is greater?

  2. Okay so I really love Grave Encounters, it's just one of those movies I always go back to, when I need a good spook. Number two would definitely be Sinister, as I just love the whole atmosphere and spitting into the hollywood law "never hurt the kids". Number one is definitely, never to be challenged "Jacob's Ladder". My Lawd, what a masterpiece. We wouldn't have some of the best body horror effects or silent hill without this masterpiece of a movie and I will die on this hill, knowing I am right.

  3. have to see some of these, saw the ritual, it was pretty good, the ending of course, wasn't super, but a good movie regardless, wanted to see babadook for a while now(might as well tonite…happy (and safe) halloween every one…

  4. I have to say I'm a Friday the 13th fan. Not sure why but I connect so well with the movie's and play the game to much at times. But I love the classic as well. Older ones I mean like the black and white

  5. For a more (kinda) in depth review on The Ritual go check out the video on Horrible Reviews channel. (Tbf just go check out his channel anyway for some good horror movie recommendations)

  6. Hey Lucy how goes it? I havent binged yet on Netflix Halloween creepy fun times cause I'm into horror all year. Omg the King said Babadook is his scariest movie. Its good but nothing compared to him. I love many sub genres of horror not slasher but like you shining…monster movies plus new ones like conjuring universe and IT ….tons….great video as always thanks xoxo I know now I need to binge haunting of hill house and I'm waiting for 2019 stranger things yippee….facepalm I'm showing my inner geek sorry lol….

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