Top 5 Scary Real Life Horror Stories That Inspired A Movie

Top 5 Scary Real Life Horror Stories That Inspired A Movie
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Top 5 Scary Movies You Need To Pray Before Watching

There are A LOT of horror gems out there, many the result of a twisted creative genius with an obsession with the macabre, but others have very real truths surrounding them, such as…


  1. I liked Wes Craven's Final Nightmare. This movie shows what happens in the world not ruled by a script. How the hospital and staff view the mom and child. Since the doctor's and nurses wasn't in the Freddy Earth, those people thought the problems we're man made. Either the child had a mental defect or the mom was mentally and physically abusing the child. Those not in Freddy's playground couldn't see him. Even after the babysitter's death the staff still didn't put 2 and 2 to get 4.

  2. I like the video but I didn't like Kelly making light of the Exorcist. I watched it in the theater in the 70s. It was a different time and movies like this weren't as common like they are now. It really was terrifying at the time and if I remember correctly there were a lot of suicides by people after watching the movie. The music alone was chilling.

  3. Kelly and Lucy, you are both great and I loved watching you two work together. I didn't see Open Water nor Child's Play. I saw the other three. I didn't know that the family, which inspired The Exorcist were Lutheran. I am Lutheran too.

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