Top 5 Strangest Abandoned Places!

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Hey whats up everyone today, I’m bringing you the top 5 strangest abandoned places throughout the whole world. These spots are so odd you wouldn’t even believe they exist. Some are abandoned house, abandoned mansions, abandoned military base and even fully abandoned resorts. I hope everyone enjoys this video, it includes all the history facts and locations…


  1. Very interesting! I have seen pictures of that house that was part of a town and was the last one left and finally collapsed and I never knew the history behind it. Made me sad that it finally collapsed. I thought it was a rather cool looking structure, so close…or rather in….the water. Thank you for this video!

  2. Thx Kyle for more of your good work . I personally wasn’t interested in this mostly overseas structures . Originally , I thought it would have 5 US mansions , but was surprised that it wasn’t so . Happy Thanksgiving to you .

  3. gret video kyle. you maybe interested in some places like this still standing here in nj. one is crab or fish island once prt of 7 islands lived on til the early 1940s. crab island is still standing although hurricane sandy hit it hard. there were also little beach , tuckers a malard islands.these are all between little egg harbor and long beach island these re only a few

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