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Happy halloween guys! So for todays video I’ve put together something slightly different, a compilation of the Top 5 strangest paranormal videos I’ve ever caught on camera, presented from inside a creepy abandoned mansion… Maybe some of these were a coincidence, maybe they all have alternative explanations? But, I’ll let you guys come to your own conclusions… Anyway, sorry its late guys,…


  1. Cleanse the House. The dog knew what was going on & could see & feel things You couldn't. Just because the doll is gone doesn't mean it hasn't left the door wide open in Your Home & left bad things behind. Buy sage smudge sticks & get a white candle & Cleanse Your Home. If You need advice about getting rid of negative energy or malicious spirits, Please let Me know. And if You want to know what You need for a full cleansing, smudging kit & how to use it. You need to stop doing this stuff inside Your Home in future. 🙁 Your Home needs cleansing

  2. That was an orb at 8.57. Speaking from 23 years experience as a Psychic, When You find dead animals & dark things like that, it implies that there's a demon down there as oppose to a ghost. The Orb though is a ghost. Do not even attempt using an Ouija board down there because demons don't just play around with You. In general, Ouija boards are dangerous because You have no protection from Demonic entities. & possession. I noticed with a lot of the Males who go ghost hunting, They don't even try to protect themselves from Negative energy or demons when using something as unpredictable & turbulent as an Ouija Board. As long as You know if You get a demon, it's not You controlling them & even if You get a spirit, the board doesn't conjure them up. They're there already. Often the kind of spirits that communicate through the board are bad or mischievous spirits who like toying with You, And just by saying Goodbye, does not dismiss them. So You need to know what You're doing.
    Best never to order spirits like You did in the place with the echo. It's pretty important that You're polite & respectful to them, Say Please & Thank You. Ask them to do things but don't order them. They'll be more co operative & You won't make anyone angry that way. You need to know about protective circles & cleansing the area & Yourself after toying with psychic tools or trying to communicate with the other side. I wouldn't advise Ouija boards personally but for someone that isn't Psychic I can see why They seem alluring.

  3. Sick job as always dude…. Missed your vids man. I'm happy to see this new video has uploaded. I know you were having problems getting it uploaded yesterday, but am pleased for you. A fantastic final result though. Well done brother, and I'm spooked out tbf haha. Hope you had a great halloween <3

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