Top 5 Stupid SHIT Harley Davidson Riders Do | MotoVlog

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  2. Listen I get it it's all good but to me personally I've been riding my whole life to both types and from my personal experience well I'm on a cruiser I'm ten times more likely not to fuck around then on a gsxer750 or a Hayabusa

  3. Top #1 thing 99% of riders don't do: Wear diarrhea colored camo pants.

    Lol why make divisive videos? Bikers need to be looking out for one another, not this stupid High School shit.

  4. Harley riders don't wear protective gear because their pride and egos are so big they think others will think they are soft. I have to agree about the loud pipes on Harleys. A little noise sounds cool but dang when a Harley rolls by and you have to cover your ears for fear your ear drums might burst that's a little ridiculous.

  5. I've ridden it all. Wife has me on a Harley, now, but I've mostly been a sport bike or 'classic' road bike (KZ1000) rider for 30 years. Your top 5? Spot on. Of course, it's nice you added "not ALL Harley riders, mind you" because I DO give a respect wave to other bikers; we're ALL bikers, after all. I'm an offender and a half with the cleaning of my ride but when it cost me $20k you can be sure I'm going to keep that bi*ch lookin' as good as it runs. The flip side is – I also ride it. A lot. Lol. I appreciate your vid and your opinions/commentary…ride fast, ride slow, ride all day or ride once a year. Just…RIDE! Peace, brothers and sisters on two-wheels! ( From Milwaukee, Wisconsin … the home of Harley-Davidson! LOL <3 )

  6. I own two Harleys and don't do any of those five things. But I will wave if I am waved at…except scooters because they are the most dangerous, law breaking, disrespectful riders on the road.

  7. I can't really give you a reason for the no gear thing… I always have at least a helmet, gloves and eye pro when I ride my HOG but then again I have wrecked a few bikes in my time (All were sport bikes by the way).
    The revving the motor thing for some is to keep the idle of the engine right after coming down from high RPMs (I will admit that others just do it to show off).
    We keep our Harleys clean as hell because the "H.D." in Harley Davidson stands for "Hundred Dollars"…. Harleys are expensive AF so why not keep it took care of?
    The waving thing is true. I noticed it too when I was on sport bikes but most of them belong to a MC and it’s in their bylaws to only wave to Harley riders or they will be "dealt with" so don't take it to heart… Fuck-em lol. I too wave to everyone unless I don't see you or I have my clutch puled in but I will still nod my head.
    Lastly, I agree with some people wearing too much Harley merchandise. Way too expensive for me lol….
    Thought I would give my opinion on a couple thing you mentioned… Be safe brother and stay upright!
    – Kansas Rider

  8. When you do the top shit sports bike riders do… don't forget splitting the 2 and 3. I clean up traffic accidents on the freeway. Splitting the 1 and 2 or the 3 and 4, the cars have the option of moving partially to the shoulder to let you by. Although the 3 and 4 has way to much transitioning going on. But the 2 and 3? They are not expecting you. Oh, ond yes… I ride. 07 sportster 1200

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