Top 7 Most Terrifying Sounds of WAR

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  1. What about a cruise missie rushing towards you or 300mm artillery being fired at you. To be honest all sounds of war are terror inducing but they are pretty cool

  2. My grandmother lived in the Hague the Netherlands in de second world war i also still live here. But in The Hague between 1944 and early 1945 the V1 and v2 rockets where shot from here at 2 places het Haagse bos ( the Hague woods) and Ockenburg. My grandmother lived near Ockenburg when my grandmother and here mother heard the sound when they shot it to londen they did nothing but sometimes the lauch did not go wel and when they hear that the engine stoped just after airborne they hide under the table. And that happend a few times. 2 streets next to my street a V1 crashed in the street 15 people lost they life that day. And when you are in the street you can see that the first 10 houses are new and the rest of the street is older.

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