Transgender Parents Who Conceived Two Sons Naturally | 20/20 | ABC News

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Bianca and Nick Bowser, who were born male and female, respectively, conceived their two sons naturally. While the couple both identify as transgender, they have not gone through gender reassignment — which caused Nick to carry the pregnancies.
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  1. Wow. How fucking stupid. Why not just be a normal boy and normal girl and have kids. People are so fucking stupid. They're just creating more reasons for people to make fun of them and beat them up. If you mutilate your genitals I will shoot you. You are not a human you're a fucking science experiment. Go the fuck away

  2. How disgusting, why would you tell your sons that "mommy has a penis" that is child abuse, this whole situation is already screwed up, but it's like, you have to have the extra attention and drama in your life. You people are all the same!

  3. Iv'e always thought that this is the way trans people should be. I have seen other videos in which trans people were angry that heterosexual men or women chose not to date them. Seeking out people that are just like you, and understand your life style makes more sense than expecting a hetero normal person to go against what they believe just to justify your existence. Trans woman meets and falls in love with a trans man, you both should be accepting of each, because your struggle is the same. If you can find a partner in the trans community that loves and respects you, go for it. Everyone is not going to receive you the way that you want them too, and you are just going to have to deal with it, and accept it for what it is. Most heterosexual men and women want to have children, and being with a trans person that has had gender reassignment surgery would completely remove that option from the table. Adopting a child is not the same as giving birth to your own. Even though you could love a child that you adopted, there is no comparison to seeing your own seed being born. The truth should not be viewed as hate speech, because I don't hate trans people, I just think that they should be ok with other peoples choice not to participate in their life style.

  4. Be transgender for all we care, but do not bring children into this world to suffer the confusion and stress of their parents genders. Us humans can't keep living our lives thinking these people are their trans sex

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