Travis Walton Alien Abduction Witness Speaks Out

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Steve Pierce witnessed the abduction of Travis Walton, now he tells his story. Pierce noted that he “ran from” the event and only began embracing his role in the historic case after his daughter saw the film and was skeptical that he was really involved in the story.

Additionally, Pierce claimed that, once the abduction story became known, notorious UFO debunker Philip Klass offered him…


  1. Steve Pierce states in this Interview that he was followed by 3 UFOS on his way home with his wife after Conference yet in the show, Paranormal Witness S02E09 – The Abduction he claims is the closest yet to what actually happened he clearly states the UFO had a bright light that he had never seen before and has not seen since, yet he claims 3 UFOs followed him. Again more inconsistency.

  2. My whole family was there that night. We were moving from Pinetop or something, driving late at night. I was only three at the time, but have vivid memories of seeing that thing. The whole family (5 people) saw it. It even started following us until my dad sped way up and caught up with a car in front of us. We just let the incident pass into memory until we heard this story come out. We finally had confirmation that we weren't losing our minds. I know this stuff is real and I know we're not "alone" in the universe, but I'll be the first one to say I know they are demons or fallen angels. I feel sorry for the people who actually think these things are just aliens. They must feel so helpless against them.

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