Treasure Chest Escape Room in Real Life inside Giant Mall (Hidden clues and mysterious riddles)

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Once Matt and Rebecca spent 24 hours in an attic above their house they found a key with a note to go to the fun box . However on the way home they received a message to visit a lost island where they found a treasure chest in the bottom of the sunken lake and inside was another clue to go to the fun box. Now that instagram has controlled their life for a day they are now inside a giant mall…


  1. matt the game master is controling rebeccas channel game master said by tomarrow his controling youtube and the only way is need to do a code i think is code 10 but the goal is gonna be 1 million times in the comment in the video that rebbeca made today nov 2 and he said this to by tommorow the end hes controling youtube and he said tommorow is doomsday

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