Twists of Terror (1997) Jennifer Rubin *FULL MOVIE*

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A horror anthology that follows the tales of a paranoid recluse living in his attic.

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  1. oops. fiction movie but sadistic fucks like this exist. Just watch the news.
    Running away in the woods with that dress climb a tree and hide in the branches after wrapping something around the feet so they can't track u. Having a rock in your hand helps too. No serial numbers on those things either. God does provide.
    Prediction: He finds a whole PACK of guard dogs on the other side of the gate.
    If he doesn't escape from this, it's no longer entertainment for me. Unless it's a true story and I'm learning facts. This obviously is fictitious.
    Gee! she doesn't even know him and she's fucking him already. Any common sense here? Something wrong with this? Cindy acts like she's ten years old emotionally. Well written. Cindy surprised me at the end. I thought she was going to become the victim.

  2. Now, this I don't understand. I would find refuge and safety going into those woods and waiting until morning, Covering my tracks in case it was some sadistic predator and not just an accident.. On the highway trying to flag someone down is the most dangerous thing to do. Why do they feel safe doing that?

  3. #FIRST
    Thank you my friend for the delightful upload.. PERFECT on a dreary Sat afternoon in FLORIDA…
    ?️?️?️ Sky is full OF THOSE CHEMTRAILS !!! ???
    The quality of the film has a dark overcast as WELL !!
    Haunting background music !!! Cheers mate ♥️????♥️?

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