UNEXPLAINED | Ghost Footage Captured Weird Shadow Person? I Xbox One Kinect CREEPY DISTURBING

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  1. I love how he hides( changes frequency ) after noticing the guy saw him.

    I love how you arrogant fallen animals think in all your stupidity, that you are the rulers of your filthy prison, without realizing that you are surrounded, monitored and watched 24/7.

    I love how all of you, not only is condemned to suffer in life, but also in DEATH , by being tormented, hunted and tortured day and night by beings like that.

    I love how your sentences are ETERNAL, and even when an extreme rare and once in a lifetime chance to finally scape appears, you manage to BLEW IT ALL. And how do you do it? Just by being yourselves ; Filthy , evil, stupid , weak, ugly, retarded fallen garbage. The most inferior, insane, sickening, corrupted and demonic souls I ever saw in my life.

    I love how every single second of your miserable lives is just a perpetual confirmation of why higher beings once decide to entrap you all down here forever .

    I love the fact that time already runned out and your LAST opportunity to escape is officially OVER.

    I love how you will all soon physically die , than be put on trial , judged and trown without appeal, without mercy , over the eternal fire, from where you will NEVER, ever leave again!

    I love how after everything being done, neither I nor the Gods will ever need to watch your disgusting faces ever again .

    I love how you won't be missed!

  2. I am stunned by this. I think this is the best evidence EVER of the existence of shadow people/ghost/hat man that I have ever seen. And what makes it so convincing is the fact it's so random. Whatever the fuck that thing is has no clue what is about to happen. He's just there doing whatever the hell he does. If you were setting up IR cameras and EMF meters and all that crap with the goal of capturing proof, they would know to avoid that area. I bet you from now on that thing will check for Kinect cameras whenever he/she/it haunts another person! lol

  3. OK now I dont know if this is fake or real but the same thing happen to me as well. During the day I was in my room and I felt someone watching me from behind I turned my head and I saw a shadow human like figure for a split second before it disappeared. And this is true and I know my mind was not playing games.

  4. I didn't look through all the comments, but of the ones that I saw, no one seemed to mention the fact that he's wearing a different shirt in the cut. … regardless of angles and different lenses and such. I personally believe in shadows, but I believe this to be a fake due to the splicing of videos. Still, well done sir. haha.

    *I stand corrected. Same shirt. … at this point it is in the realm of possibilities. 🙂

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