Unidentified ‘Ghost’ Girl Seen by Remote Camera in Upstate New York

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An eerie picture taken by a remote trail camera has police and townsfolk baffled about who the ghostly mystery girl in the picture might be. The image was taken near Route 74 in the rural village of Cambridge, New York by cameras set up to monitor a section of woods used as private hunting grounds.



  1. If it was a ghost girl, how remote of an area is it? Could this be the spirit of a murdered child that was buried out in that area decades ago? Surely someone would have come forward by now if it was just a (living) child that happened to be walking through the woods. With all the news coverage?

  2. It is a ghost. If you dont believe it then spend a few nights outside in these areas and you might see things that you have never seen before. We are not alone in this world.

  3. i would like to know all the questions you were asking. some would have to know is she is real or not. there's too many questions that have to be answered. i hope the police are still researching this one real close. hope it's a fake or even a ghost.

  4. everyone wants her to be a ghost its just a girl who was in the woods at that time. probably with friends or family most probably with a pet too and she or someone may have spotted the camera and she posed for a fun pic and it caught her in motion.

  5. Ok check it out, I used to love those stupid ghost hunter shows but they became so lame I started looking for other avenues- the best ghost evidence is abandoned home explorers, and the best captures are always outside, what you are seeing hear is kind of… a wave of the veil thinning ??? simply put look at this picture there are entities everywhere look on the ground by her and see 2 little people- look to the right and see some faded dogs ??? (not really but don't know how else to describe it)- at that moment this picture is taken there seems to be a mist/fog covering the entire area, very cool!

  6. This is an obvious spirit, look at the transparent areas (lower legs), they are now trying to cover it up saying that it was a girl and her grandpa was elsewhere LOL this spirit is manifesting in front of the camera on purpose, scared people will deny this is a spirit.

  7. The background is colour and she's greyish, so if I was them I'd start with checking out the missing persons reports and use the clothing as a start point and then sweep the area with ground penetrating radar, this spirit is likely trying to tell you something.

  8. Does her left leg look transparent to anyone? Looks like that to me. And the angle of her right arm & hand is definitely weird. Also it looks like she's posing, looking right into the camera. Creepy!

  9. My opinion is that number one a ghost wouldnt look straight into a camer doing some kind of pose. Number two they either used a very bad quality camer or an effect on said camera to make it seem like a ghost. Another thing is that if this is circleing the media and this kid was actually missing then tbe parents or some family member would have already seen this footage and contacted the authorities. So im thinking this is a hoax. Just some people looking for attention.

  10. If it is a ghost she looks like she's wearing clothes from the 90s. Looks like she has long socks and tennis shoes on. Probably just a kid wandering around waving at a camera but who knows lol

  11. Have a good look at the picture,the gohst girl is really a cheerleader. the little girl has pom-poms,and everything. blow it up I did,she is far from a ghost,and the picture is a fake all day long.

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