Untouched Abandoned House (FOUND MUMMIFIED PET OF LAST OWNER) *Warning*!!

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  1. What a Tragic Story After The Owners Died Their Pet waited for them to return but it never happened 🙁 I hope everyone understands I filmed here with full respect For the last owners and ofcourse for the cat.

  2. I'm pretty certain I have seen this place many times before in pictures. I believe that cat has been moved around a lot because by far the most common photo is of the main bedroom and that cat has been in many different places depending on who photographed this house. I thought this place was tore down.

  3. Thank you for NOT censoring reality!!! You gave plenty of warning so no one can complain without looking like a bumbling idiot.
    People that censor us and censorship are twice as PERVERTED as the material they are trying to keep us from seeing.
    DUDE, PLEASE stop apologizing to these people that where well forewarned, you owe them nothing.

  4. I like how you have respect for life in general but you don't have to warn us a bazillion times about the dead cat. I also can assure you that the cat is not laying where it died. I'm slightly surprised non one has taken it as a souvenir. But I appreciate you showing it.

  5. With places like this no matter how well reserved you have a virgin problem. Unless the previous owners literally left it unlocked, which is doubtful, some first person had to breaking into this place. In almost all cases like this you can't be the first person to enter a place like this since the actual owners no matter how respectful the first urbexers were. There always has to be a first person that breaks into a place.

  6. Great video it was so sad about the poor cat I skipped the cat on the bed bit but the rest of video was good so much stuff and hardly any vandalism within the property what a beautiful find?

  7. You seem to find some very interesting places. This is true treasure. Sad about the cat left there. But at least he was close to his owner. Guess the guy didn't have any family. So cool that no real vandelism has happened. Love the wood furniture and pictures. Thanks for sharing this with me. Stay safe and God bless.

  8. Hi, an interesting exploration, im sure i saw an orb whizzing past the camera at the begining, but yes a sad story with the owners and the poor little pet, in the U.K at 'The Gressenhall Workhouse Mueseum', they have on display there a mummified cat that was found under the floorboards thats in a display case, the energies of the owners in the place you explored are probably there still 🙂

  9. I was upset about the poor cat but you gave everybody enough warning it was there before we saw it so I have to say I skipped that part. What I did watch though was really awesome and a great find. Thank you for all of your hard work. xx

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