Visit to the Abandoned WW2 Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary

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Join me as I take a trip out to visit the abandoned WW2 Army Maunsell forts – (Red Sands Fort) in the Thames Estuary on a beautiful, still October day in 2018. When I was invited onboard The “Sea Horse” with the Foxwell Family to sail out to see these forts I jumped at the chance. I’ve long wanted to visit them and have previously only seen from a distance – as tiny silhouettes on the…


  1. I went out to Red Sands in 1988 or so as a child. Check out a Danger Man TV episode. (May have been shivering sands can't remember now). Have to recommend Radio Caroline too. Still exists, looked after by madmen.

  2. You really are a wonderfully engaging story-teller. You make it look so easy, that it probably under-values the work you put into these for us. I do love to see a notification up, that you have made me a story to watch. Thanks mate.

  3. ? What an amazingly calm day and flat sea you had on this one ?. I was hoping you were going to get into them and explore em, but I suppose they are not at all safe at the moment. I do hope they get restored ?. That big shield bug you had on the boat is a Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus occidentalis) a native of western north america that has found its way here on imported trees or wood. They have also colonised places in europe too. They are often seen in autumn as they are actively looking for places to hibernate ??.

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