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The making of The New York Times Magazine’s Walking New York cover with the artist JR.

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Walk through the popular areas of New York City in VR. You’ll see all of the most popular New York City landmarks and you’ll feel like you are actually there.

For the full effect, watch it in a Google Cardboard viewer:…


  1. Burn it up, the denying USA, who turns from God as never been before! Send them fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, diseases and famine, UNTIL they beg for God's mercy upon them! I mean every word, after I have seen how evil many are in their hearts. /Ben, SWEDEN

  2. Seems like a cool artist and all but the video is titled Walking New York and you never actually get to do that. You only move around once on street-level but it's nearly at the end, only 12 seconds long, and it's on a bicycle instead of on-foot. The description explains that we're actually watching the making of the NYT Walking New York cover and NOT walking New York. Nice Bait-and-Switch. Keep it classy NYT.

  3. Really digging your content! Just starting to put up videos myself after being a photographer & only making private videos for a long time – it's awesome to see other creators and the variety of work that's out there. I love how YouTube can be educational, inspirational, entertaining – pretty much everything! My content is more on the creative/inspirational side (not sure who it would inspire but that's my hope haha). Check it out if you have the time! Enjoy your week 🙂

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