We Smuggled Ourselves Into New York’s Abandoned City Hall Station

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  1. Why does City governments waste so many resources that can be upcycled into money making propositions. The lack of inventiveness and commonsense is staggering.
    It's way to easy just to say no for git it, than it is to show initiative. Oh I forgot that's so yesterday values. we Americans are way to busy and rich to be bothered.

  2. Ok, buzzfeed’s music usage is great, but I kinda want to hear the music myself, and there are no links, no comments asking, so I’m gonna ask now…where can I find and or listen to the music played from 6:11 to 7:07 Cause buzzfeed doesn’t help with their video description, all they do is send you to a music website where I searched and it never came up!

  3. 1:43 …. how you can say that you have a "feeling that MTA wants to pretend that closed subway stations don't exist" ?
    The woman just told you plain and simple: 1:22its a matter of SAFETY and SECURITY.
    Your statements are as true as your clickbait title. ?

  4. So, the fact that you know that you were trespassing and you knew you were not allowed in that station or ride the train at it's last stop when everybody should leave, doesn't count as breaking the law? Is this video a proof of guilt for at least two people? Does Buzzfeed have, two good shows and the rest is still filled with trash? This case will remain forever unsolved.

  5. Are sure those tunnels and stations are from last century ?
    Who buildt them ? When were they started and completed ?
    Closed the gap ? Serious expenditure for a "gap" friends are looking into the "mud flood"that buried nearly every large city world over. Look it up 9n youtube. You can find the halfbe
    Buried buildings in every city. Windows below the street.

  6. Thanks guys. Even though you couldn’t actually walk around it. Even just some glimpses of it are a treasury to see.
    It’s a shame the city doesn’t maintain it & come up with a way to make its a tourist spot to walk in and out of from the City Hall park area.

  7. Firstly….the old 6 line City Hall station is an annex to the NYC Transit Museum….tours are given regularly…..secondly…..the OTHER City Hall station (N/R/W) lines where you guys went has another abandoned station right underneath…..used for off peak layups (by the way I'm a retired motorman)

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