Weird UFO filmed in the Clouds, Canada “Raw Footage”

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#UFO #Extraterrestrials
Wierd UFO filmed in Canada “Raw Footage”, Source Mufon

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  1. We only need 55% of the Human population to fully believe in other beings, then Divine Timing will happen and the Vail will lift. Humans now are at 37% and have been moving at a fast pace up since 2012. Enjoy your few years of thinking you are alone because when Divine Timing happens all that is unseen will be seen and all that was hidden will be shown. D . . * . . . . . :9:

  2. want to see a canadian ufo????………………ufodi news large ufo armada passes over surrey bc……………………and…………………..ufo over north york toronto what is this

  3. I see clouds and dead people.Get a life people.
    The earth is an unremarkable rock and if you were an alien in your convertible hot rod space ship why talk to the trash of the universe.Sure if you want to go to Hooters for wings served by skanky whores maybe but seriously give me one good reason to come millions of light years travel for millions of years for what.

  4. The power is of influance God Sun Royalty wa la by birth look you don't have believe just don't think nothing bad hmm before you read revelation 22:12-18 Psalm 21:5-12 it will tell you but i know lots more and don't need to used them hmm

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