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On an island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay sits a series of abandoned wooden buildings, slumped over and sinking into the ground. They’re all that’s left of the town called Drawbridge — often referred to as the last ghost town left in the Bay Area.

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  1. When I heard “Bay Area” and looking at the initial terrain, I thought the swampy outskirts of the Tampa Bay Area here in Florida. I was ready to pack my kayak tomorrow morning and check it out….kind of bummed now! Great video, though!

  2. And the last is only the beginning unless California takes a long hard look at who they're voting for. California is a prime example of why the US can never have a system like the one in Scandinavia. The foundation that the nation is built upon is so vastly different that it simply does not work.

    California is the proof that people like Bernie Sanders have their heads in the clouds. I happen to agree with a lot of what Bernie is saying (since I'm actually from Sweden and all that) but Swedes enjoy the kind of system we do because we worked long and hard at it and started to establish a foundation for this type of system hundreds of years ago, not within the past 10 years. What's also important to note is that our system is starting to collapse because we're seeing social democrats going overboard with their policies much like the government in California is.

    You can't try and maintain a welfare system while at the same time putting immense stress and burden upon it. The Scandinavian model is based on the worker's mentality. Hard work pays off and you deserve what you earn. California being a so-called "sanctuary state" does the opposite of this, much like we're seeing in Europe at the moment. The illegal and/or jobless immigrants who come to this state still need to utilize all the aspects of society that are payed for by taxes, such as educational systems, certain health care, public transport, etc. while at the same time not actually contributing to it.

    People who work and pay taxes to pay for said systems are fleeing the state because their living costs are running wild and their income is worse than in neighboring states. Because of this, California is stuck with more expenses for the welfare system and less income to pay for it. Increased low-education and unemployed immigration and a migration of working tax-paying americans is not what you want if your policy is that taxes should pay for what the people owns as a collective.

    You can't have the cake and eat it too. Either you have to be nice to people who support your system or you have to go bankrupt. You can't punish working class people who pay said taxes (meaning the income of your welfare system), while at the same time using the system to care for the immigrants who don't (meaning increased expenses). It's economy 1-0-1. With more expenses there needs to be more income, not more expenses and less income.

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