What Makes a Real Ghost?

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Sam’s Horror Film :
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  1. cool tutorial, and i understand that this is a post process tutorial so things like just turning on and off effects can show the process without giving away the whole pie so to say also i dont know how many hours went into each effect, but i gotta say wren does a better tutorial. he actually shows how things are done and shows the result, this was just checking and unchecking boxes so that pre-built filters could be applied. not to say this is a bad video by all means it is not, i just gotta say that everyone seems to be in awe of Sam's editing and after effects abilities but yet wren is doing all the tutorials? granted this is a free platform maybe i have to pay for the masterclass but as far as a chance for Sam to prove his own cockiness this really doesnt show anything. I'm sorry but it had to be said, Sam this semi-fame is getting to your head, try to be more humble.

  2. This was called something like "Secret new never before seen ghost special effects". Why do you change youre video titles? Is it to get more views by tricking your loyal subscribers to click on a video twice?

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