Window cleaning the world’s tallest building – Supersized Earth – Episode 1 – BBC One

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The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, has the world’s highest windows. Dallas joins the team whose heart-stopping job it is to clean them.


  1. It was my job for many years, the job look crazy but it's safe, accident are very rare. Also, in France the job is not so well paid, years after years they paid less and less and today i'm sure some guys are paid less than 1500 euro a month. The danger are the guys who works on roof house just 3 or 5 meters high, with no security or harness, and when they fall they can die, the statistic show that more than 50% of deadly fall are 3 meters high or less ! The only time i feel i was in danger was in grain silo, not on tower like this.

  2. The system should use prison/street gangbangers to do the cleaning! See how much balls they really have? I bet them fukers would quit banging and either go back to school or find a safe job

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